work Work experience
  • Omicronsoft

    Senior Web Developer Mar 2015 - Present

    Working on e-commerce web portal. Participating in and monitoring different kind of web projects (mostly websites). Mostly using PHP Yii2 and Twitter Bootstrap 3.x frameworks with LESS.

    Used technologies:

    • HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, jQuery
    • PHP - Yii2 framework
    • Twitter Bootstrap 3.x framework
    • AngularJs 1.x
    • Sencha ExtJs 5.x, Sencha Touch with Sencha cmd
    • composer, npm, bower, gruntjs
    • Control Version System - Git
  • Freelancer

    Web Developer Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

    Working on responsive admin template. Created several jQuery plugins. Got experience in responsive website design.

    Used technologies:

    • HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, jQuery
    • GruntJs
    • Control Version System - Git
  • Galtam GmbH

    Lead Web Developer Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

    I was the only developer building consulting website. Created several jQuery plugins.

    Used technologies:

    • HTML5, CSS3, LESS, jQuery
    • OOP and inheritance in javascript
    • Bootstrap 3.x framework
    • PHP framework Codeigniter 2.x with Doctrine 2.4
    • MySql
    • Control Version System - Git
  • Innotec

    Junior Web Developer Fab 2012 - Oct 2013

    Mostly working with Single Page Applications (SPA) in team.

    Used technologies:

    • ExtJs 4.x, Sencha Touch, Sencha Cmd
    • JAVA, Ext Direct
    • Oracle, Postgre SQL
    • Control Version System - Mercurial
school Education
  • International Black Sea University (IBSU) - Master

    Computer Science 2014 - Present

    Passed with 100% state scholarship.

    At January 2015 I suspended my status temporarily.

  • International Black Sea University (IBSU) - Bachelors

    Computer Science and engineering 2010 - 2014

    Passed with 100% university scholarship and 100% state scholarship.

    Graduated with GPA 3.89.

Personal Experience
  • Lobilist

    jQuery plugin for todo lists. Supports drag & drop of todos. Multiple lists with different colors. Support for communication to backend.

  • Lobipanel

    jQuery plugin for bootstrap panels. It extends panels with several common and useful functions which does not come by default.

  • Lobibox

    Free responsive jQuery messagebox and notification plugin available for commercial and non-commercial usages.

  • Lobiadmin

    Bootstrap 3 admin template. Built with LESS, Bower, Npm, Grunt

  • HTML5 canvas painting application

    Using HTML5 canvas, created program using which you can draw geometric figures of any shape, use webcam, take a snapshot, put it on white board, draw anything you want or write text with different color and size. You can export drawing as an image. It has also ability to draw standard 3D shape figures. (Cube, Prism, Cylinder etc...)